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Wednesday, January 09 2019

Advantage Enters its 6th Year!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of the school board members, superintendents, administrators, teachers, staff, students, community members and CEOs who have given me the privilege of serving them over the last five years as the founder of TEMPLETON Advantage. I truly thank God for the opportunity in one of the world's most noble And I could not continue to do this without the loving support of my wonderful family, and the candid advice of so many friends and advisors in my network.

I ask for straight, ?right between the eyes' counsel from people I trust. And they don't hold back. Why? I am pursuing radical excellence in all areas of my life. That requires authentic feedback, thick skin, and a relentless willingness to learn and grow.every day! It's the only way to keep climbing the mountain. and shedding the ?baggage' that weighs down your pursuit - like ego, pessimism, lack of preparation, resting on previous success, or failing to learn from setbacks.

So we move to 2019: THE NEXT LEVEL. Our victories celebrated. The defeats learned from and addressed -- but left behind. Finished! THIS is the year to SHATTER barriers on the road to 2020. Start expecting explosive change, growth and improvement. Let's start the climb!

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