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Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

TEMPLETON Advantage provides customized training seminars for boards and leadership teams.  Seminars, workshop and retreat topics include, but are not limited to:  Entry Planning, Board-CEO Relations, CEO Evaluations, Succession and Change Management,  How to Lead Yourself First; Developing a Culture of Excellence; Integrity and Ethics are Job #1; Becoming Passionate About Strategy and Mission; and Building High Performance Teams Based on Trust.

It is important to note that seminars, workshops and other professional development sessions can be a waste of time.  There is often an ‘execution gap’ between that which is learned in a workshop and what is actually applied in one’s professional life.  Not the case with TEMPLETON Advantage.  Attendees will receive follow-up tips, strategies, and reports as consistent reminders to take action and put your renewed knowledge to work.  Sessions are focused, high-energy and engaging!

Please call or email to obtain a quote on fees for services.

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    Tom Templeton
    Founder & Creative Director

    TEMPLETON Advantage
    58 Hummingbird Lane
    Newport, PA 17074

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