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Strategic Planning

If your organization wants a simplified, focused approach to planning your future and measuring progress toward a defined destination, then the TEMPLETON Advantage strategic planning services will work for you.  Through a series of strategy sessions, we will develop a clear road map toward a defined destination, with clear objectives defined to measure progress along the way.

The TEMPLETON Advantage approach to strategic planning is different than what you may have normally experienced. Although the strategic plan helps to clarify and carry out the organization’s mission, vision and goals -- including the objectives necessary to reach a defined destination – the plan must be nimble, open to appropriate adjustment and simplified.  In other words, the implementation of the plan needs to be effectively managed.  That requires well-articulated and efficient procedures, resource alignment, ongoing communication, and feedback loops.  TEMPLETON Advantage will help you bring your plan to life! 

Please call or email to obtain a quote on fees for services.

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    Tom Templeton
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