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Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for a speaker to inform and inspire your group, TEMPLETON Advantage provides outstanding sessions.  Tom is a tremendously dynamic, informed and humorous speaker who will be the perfect addition to any group that is looking to kick off a new year or wants high-impact strategies to pursue personal and professional excellence.

At TEMPLETON Advantage, the client is the focus.  Considerable time is spent researching your organization, the issues you face, and the dynamics of the audience.  From there, a customized presentation is developed in a way that uniquely reflects the importance of the session -- and the culture of your organization.  To borrow a common phrase from Darren Hardy at SUCCESS Magazine, it will inspire, inform and improve your life!

Please call or email to obtain a quote on fees for services.

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    Tom Templeton
    Founder & Creative Director

    TEMPLETON Advantage
    58 Hummingbird Lane
    Newport, PA 17074

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